Merkel vs. Urkel

Here’s another clip from my new show, The List.
According to Forbes, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is the “Most Powerful Woman in the World.” I want to know if people know more about her than a sit-com character last seen in 1998.

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Originally posted on the Today Moms blog.




I’m standing on the set of a television show, crammed into a burnt orange maternity dress and exposing my cankles in a pair Fit-Flops — the only shoes that still fit — feeling sweat drip down my spine while experiencing a mild contraction. It’s the final rehearsal before the launch of a new show I’m co-hosting. I’m 38 weeks pregnant.
Forget the pit stains and the jowls, I will be working right up until my water breaks.

Hired pregnant, and willing to work up until I’m crowning, I guess that puts me in a league with newly minted Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, who made news when she Tweeted that she was six months pregnant just hours after Yahoo announced her appointment. (more…)

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My Fetus Can Predict Your Future

Here’s another clip from my new show, The List.
I may have no mojo when it comes to clairvoyance, but my fetus? That’s another story. He KNOWS things.

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Strangers at the Mall Help Me Pick a Baby Name

So obviously I have been bad at blogging as of late. Sorry. I’ve been busy being fat and pregnant while also starting up a new hosting gig on The List, a nightly news/entertainment TV magazine. Needless to say life has been pretty nuts.

Not to seem too lazy, but to keep you all in the loop, I’m quickly posting a couple of video clips I did for the new show and will be back to blogging as soon as I pop this boy out and get back to work. Enjoy.

The List is a television news magazine that finds the intersection between the news of the day and pop culture on a nightly basis.

The show is founded around something we all use to stay on track – lists – to look at daily consumer issues and the hottest news trends.

Click to view video.

Host Teresa Strasser is having a baby in a couple weeks. She’s got the crib, the diapers and the stroller. The one thing she doesn’t have for her baby boy is a name.

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